Top Gun by GABZ

Odd City, in partnership with the Paramount Pictures Licensing, is releasing a limited edition print by artist GABZ for Tony Scott’s 1986 film TOP GUN.

For those of us who grew up in the 80′s, Top Gun is one of the most seminal action films from our formative years. Despite its machismo, male and female viewers alike love this film. It was the top grossing film of 1986, made household names out of its stars, and inspired multiple parodies that continue to be produced to this day.

The Top Gun print by GABZ features the popular fighter jets from the film and is designed to be viewed in two directions. Both color ways are printed on reflective holographic “foil” paper and are considered “variant” editions.

When you’re an 80′s kid like myself you just had to see and fall in love with Tony Scott’s Top Gun. It’s not necessarily a work of art, but it sure has that testosterone/macho vibe that used to be so popular back in those days. Call me nostalgic, but I consider it a classic action flick with brilliant aerial sequences, cool characters and an awesome soundtrack. In fact, some of those songs could still easily end up as my ringtone. When approached by Odd City for this print I knew I wanted something horizontal this time around. I also wanted to step back from the complex multi-character based compositions with this one, and to design the print in a way so it could be viewed upside down as well.” – GABZ

The GABZ Top Gun prints will go on sale Monday, December 15th on the Odd City Store around 11am CST, and will begin shipping the following day.


Sunset Color Way

Sunset Color Way

Release Date: 12/15/2014
Artist: GABZ
Title: Top Gun “Sunset” & Top Gun “Magic Hour”
Size: 36″x24″
Numbered Edition
Run Size: 100/100
Printed by: D&L Screenprinting
Price: $100/$100
Magic Hour Color Way

Magic Hour Color Way

Here’s what it looks like in person! SHINY!
Top Gun - Sunset Press
Magic Hour:
Top Gun - Magic Hour Press