Black Caesar – Perkins – 03/05/2014

Considered by some to be Fred Williamson’s most iconic role, Black Caesar is a film that transcends categories. In 2009, Empire Magazine named it one of twenty best Gangster Movies you’ve never seen (probably). Blaxploitation gangster film about revenge, with a score by James Brown, his first score for film. ODD CITY is proud to announce we will be releasing a BLACK CAESAR limited edition print by artist Billy Perkins. Be sure to scroll past the art to see what the artist had to say about creating a poster for this classic film.
There will be two chances to obtain Black Caesar by Billy Perkins. The prints will be for sale at the Austin Film Society screening of From Dusk Til Dawn, with Fred Williamson in attendance, on Wednesday March 5th, 2014, with proceeds going to benefit The Austin Film Society. If you have not gotten tickets to this not-to-be-missed event, get them now! We will be holding a small number of prints back to ensure that our fans get a chance to purchase. All remaining prints will be sold online at the Odd City Entertainment store on Thursday March 6th. As per usual, they will go on sale at a random time during the day.
Release Date: 03/05/2014
Artist: Billy Perkins
Title: Black Caesar
Size: 18×32
Numbered and Signed by Artist and Fred Williamson

Run Size: 75
Printed by: Coronado of Austin
Details: 5 colors
Price: $75
"Has it ever occurred to you that I've been waiting 25 years just to kill you?"
- Tommy Gibbs

“There is a brief moment in the pivotal scene where Tommy makes his power play to take over Harlem. As he stealthily approaches the room where the bosses are meeting, he pauses ever-so briefly in front of the Cardoza family’s coat-of-arms, with its crossed swords framing his body. I love the symbolism here… Tommy is essentially replacing the coat-of-arms with his own personal symbol – his weapon of choice, clenched in his hand. Not something so archaic as a sword, as was representative of the previous dynasty, but a weapon more indicative of the new boss in town: Tommy Gibbs. Black Caesar.” – Billy Perkins