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Dear Collector,

The road to Odd City was a long and exciting journey. Our company was founded by collectors and art enthusiasts, no different than yourselves, who had aspirations of seeing prints for licenses unused, misused and/or techniques unexplored. There were too many instances in which we had ordered prints, waited enthusiastically for our piece of papyrus gold, only to open the package and find the piece underwhelming or damaged. We hope to change that.

We know that we cannot guarantee 100% of our prints will arrive undamaged. Shipping services sometimes operate with all the delicacy of a wood chipper. What we can guarantee is, we will package with the care and consideration given a true work of art while adhering to established preservation techniques. Specifically for you, what does this mean?

This means that many times, you will receive your prints flat because the paper is too heavy, or of such a high quality that they are unable to be rolled. In cases when we do roll Odd City prints, we roll your prints with the greatest of care to insure their best chance for a safe arrival.

We take pride in that all of our prints are limited editions, absolutely no re-runs, and 100% fully licensed. If you purchase from us, you can purchase knowing that we have gone through all of the proper channels to insure that you are receiving official studio or publisher approved merchandise. This sometimes requires working with the filmmakers, musicians or developers themselves to make sure that we have not strayed from their vision. This is all in the service of what we believe to be a high quality product serving to assist in many of our philanthropic endeavors.

We have many plans for the coming years. There will be prints, parties and maybe even the occasional rock show. Through it all, we will work to make sure your experience is efficient, easy and most importantly, fun.

Yours truly,

Roman Morales
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Odd City