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PACIFIC RIM (Variant) – FOSDIKE – 7/07/2013

Odd City

PACIFIC RIM (Variant) – FOSDIKE – 7/07/2013


Online Release Date: 7/15/2013
Artist: James Fosdike
Title: Pacific Rim
Size: 36"x24"
Printed by: D&L Screenprinting
Run Size: 75
Variant Details: 6 Colors
Paper: French Madero Beach 100 lbs.
Price: $65

“Put a giant monster in a film and I’m there. Put a giant robot in a film and I’m there. Put them together and you’ve made me a child again. I’m so excited about this film and I am absolutely thrilled to have had the opportunity to draw a poster for it. When I saw the trailer, the image of the young girl on a deserted street watching the jets fly over really struck a chord in me. I was reminded of the films, cartoons and comics that I read and loved as a child. I wanted to know what caused that street to be deserted, what the girl was in awe of, and where the jets were going. Lucky for me I was able to find out, and to create my impression of what was in store!” - James Fosdike

Detail Photos by Billy Garrett

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